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A small sample of the spooky abandoned houses I photographed this summer/fall, more will be added each weeks. I also visited two mental asylums, one definately haunted! The bulk of the houses are from Quebec but I also photographed a few nice ones from the Ottawa region (Ontario). Toronto region is next!

Built in 1908

Howick, Qc, Canada

St-Germaine Cousin Church

Bult in 1908, this abandoned house looks like it belonged in the Far West! I'm not aware of any cowboys in Quebec but if there was one, he lived there!

Creepy Abandoned Farmhouse

Clarenceville, Qc, Canada

Eglise St-Chrysostome Abandonnée

This abandoned house is huge...and creepy! It must have been over 30°C and humid when I took this photo, middle of July, I had pants on to be able to walk thru the overgrwon weeds which was really a bad idea. I didn't go inside but the outside was creepy enough for some good photos.

Abandoned and Hidden

Brigham, Qc, Canada

Abandoned Wesleyan Church

This abandoned house is pretty isolated and surrended by a corn field. If you drive by during the summer, you better pay attention because you will miss it. I actually missed it until I drove back. It was surely a very nice house back in the days.

Century Old Apartment Building - Haunted?

Durham-Sud, Qc, Canada

Abandoned Wesleyan Church

A century old house in the middle of Durham-Sud is said to be haunted - could it be this creepy abandoned apartment house? I mean, how can this not be haunted!? It appears that 3 units were available, can't say I'm tempted by any of them!

Mystery House

Saint-Pie-de-Guire, Qc, Canada

Abandoned Wesleyan Church

I'm sure it was a cute house some years ago, so why was it abandoned like that? Did a tragedy happened in this house? Either way, it's quite spooky especially since the house is in the middle of nowhere and seems forgotten! Mysterious!

Ghosts From The Past

Laval, Qc, Canada

Abandoned Wesleyan Church

Built in 1736, this house is 276 years old!!! Sadly, it is now abandoned and decaying fast. A young couple bought it in 1972 and it is not known why they just left it there to roth. One has to wonder if there are a few ghosts of the past residing in this beautiful stone house.

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