The Haunted Mount Royal Cemetery In Montreal

Cimetière Hanté du Mont-Royal

The Mount Royal Cemetery (Cimetière Mont-Royal) was established in 1852 on the north slope of Mount Royal, a mountain right behind the skyscrapers of downtown Montreal. The cemetery was originally used by the English-speaking community and Protestants but today, the burial ground is opened to all. Over 162,000 bodies are now buried across 165 acres and that includes 459 war graves from World War I and World War II.

Sharing the mountain with the Mount Royal cemetery is the even bigger 343-acre Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery founded 2 year later in 1854 and originally serving only Roman Catholics and French Canadians. Those 2 adjacent cemeteries put together contain a total of 1.5 million burials including many notable Canadians. If there is a haunted mountain anywhere in the world, this might be it.

Just walking across the Mount Royal cemetery took me more than an hour and provided me with unparalleled exercise as there are a lot of hills to climb! Actually, it's incredible to see the amount of cyclists and joggers who run and ride their bike across this giant cemetery every day. Kinda of weird...peaceful though. I wonder if some of them ever saw something unusual as both cemeteries are known to be haunted, especially Mont Royal.

Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost of the cemetery is said to be an Algonquin Indian, a warrior that can be seen near the cliffs of the cemetery. Entities seen walking have also been reported as well as shadows moving during night time.

It should be noted that the cemetery closes at 5pm during the cold months and that security guards in cars are patrolling the entire cemetery at night. One of the reason for that aside from the usual vandals is that black masses have occurred in the cemetery, often involving the sacrifice of animals. Maybe another reason why this cemetery is so haunted.

At the end of my tour of the cemetery, I ended up in front of a little chapel just as the sun was coming down. I took 3 photos that you can see below.

Photo #1 - The Ghost Of The Chapel?

Original Size - Cropped

Mt-Royal Cemetery Ghost

I took this photo as the sun was going down. As you can see on the last photo, I was about 30 feet from the door, this above is a cropped photo. The chapel you see above is near the North end of the Mt. Royal cemetery.

When I took the first photo and the flash when off lighting up the inside of the chapel, I immediately saw something bluish on my LCD screen. I then took another one right after and saw the same thing. This is when I got a little creeped out but decided to get a little closer to take another picture, hoping that I could get a more detailed photo of whatever it was. After seeing the same thing on the 3rd photo, I thought of getting even closer to get an even better picture but the fact that it was getting dark and that everybody had left the cemetery already made me reconsider that option. I will not say that I ran but I started to walk away at a healthy pace. Maybe I jogged a little. I was so deep in the cemetery it took me about an hour to reach the South entrance.

Photo #1

Zoomed At 200%


This is the same photo zoomed at 200%. Looks creepy is all I can say.

Photo #2

Original Size - Cropped

Photo Entity

Now this is a photo I took right after the first one, from the same position.

Photo #3

Original Size - Cropped

Ghost Monk

This is the 3rd photo I took. I came closer for this one, maybe 15-20 feet away from the door. The "ghost" was still there, looking more human.

Photo #3

Zoomed At 200%

Ghost Priest

This is the 3rd photo zoomed at 200%. Is this a priest, an army officer, a cop? Notice on the right side of the picture, the frame, do you see something in it?

Photo #1

Reduced Contrast - Cropped

haunted cemetery

Now this is the first photo again with reduced contrasts and increased brightness to show 2 things, one that there's nothing on the wall behind the door (except the frames) and two, the window is not dirty.

Photo #1

No crop - Resized

haunted chapel

This is the first photo again, uncropped, to show at what distance I was when I took the first and second photo. By looking at this photo, you can see that this is not my reflection we see in the photos and that there's really nothing else around that could have been reflected like that in the window. For the 3rd photo, I must have been halfway when I took it. I should also add that when I hold my camera (a Canon DSLR), I hold it in front of my face while looking at the LCD screen, not on my chest or on the side of my head.

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