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ghost on Tombstone

Old Lady On Tombstone?

Eastern Townships, Quebec

I drove around the Eastern Townships last summer and I came across a bunch of very old cemeteries, some dating back as far as the late 1700s. I ended up visiting some of them trying to capture any paranormal evidence with my digital camera, just snapping away, in broad daylight! Here's below a picture I took on which you can see something resembling an angry old lady with black hair on a tombstone, looking at me. Faces or figures of the deceased have been known to appear from time to time on surfaces, walls, floors, tombstones, etc... A good exemple of this is the notorious case of the 'Bélmez Faces'. Could it be such paranormal phenomenon or just an optical illusion? You be the judge. Btw, make sure you look at the image at least 15 seconds so your eyes can absorb all the details.

Face on Tombstone

Below is a tombstone, in the same cemetery, displaying on the top left corner The Masonic Square and Compasses (kinda blurry) and in the top right corner, an inverted pentacle often associated with Baphomet and Satanism. Those types of tombstone have been known to sometimes attract black magic practitioners. I don't know if that's the case here but black magic rituals could potentially have an impact on the level of paranormal activity in a cemetery.

Face on Tombstone

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