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haunted churches

We are going to try this summer to drive around Quebec, Ontario and the United-States in the search for creepy, abandoned and/or haunted places to photograph! Here's below a few abandoned churches (some said to be haunted) we visited not too long ago.

Eglise Sainte-Germaine Cousin / St. Germaine Cousin Church

Pointe-Aux-Trembles, Montreal, Qc, Canada
St-Germaine Cousin Church

Built in 1961 and created by architect Gérard Notebaert, this massive and unusual church was once the pride of Pointe-Aux-Trembles, a borough of Montreal. Unfortunately, the church had to be closed a few years ago when someone realised that asbestos was making the parishioners sick! Because of its audacious experimental design, looking like some galactic federation headquater rather than a community church, real estate developers now want to turn this pyramid-shaped wonder into a social housing project. There has been reports online that this church was haunted, the piano inside is said to sometimes play by itself.

haunted piano
Photo Left: Back of the church -- Photo Center: Inside of church many years ago -- Photo RIght: Haunted Piano?

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

St-Chrysostome, Qc, Canada
Eglise St-Chrysostome Abandonnée

Built in 1847 to serve the Irish and English settlers, this church was abandoned in 1985 after serving for nearly 140 years. These days, people say it's haunted! With its "Revivalist Gothic Style" and abandoned look, this church is a little spooky. Celtic crosses on top of the church (the second one is on the roof hidden in the tree) add to its gothic look. The Celtic Cross by the way is also popular with neo-Druids, occultists, neo-Pagans and New Agers. It was initially meant to symbolize the union between Christianity and Paganism, the merger between the Christian Cross and the Sun Cross. In the same vein, a fantasy/occult novel mixing fiction with some truths, called 'Agrippa', prominently featured this church as a place where the rural folks of the region would meet and celebrate.. dark things.

Eglise St-Chrysostome Hantée

The picture below was taken through the opened window you see in the photo above. As you can see, while the exterior is in fairly good shape, the interior is falling apart.

haunted church

Below is the small cemetery next to the church.

cimetiere st-chrysostome

Wesleyan Church

Hemmingford, Qc, Canada
Abandoned Wesleyan Church

Built in 1881, this Wesleyan church is right on the side of highway 15 near the Canadian/American border. The church has been abandoned for a while now but someone seems to be still taking care of the cemetery behind it.

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