ROAD TRIPS | Haunted, Abandoned & Creepy EDITION

Haunted And Abandoned Asylums

Abandoned, Creepy & Haunted Asylums #3

Two abandoned asylums I visited I one day. One is known to be haunted, the other...

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Haunted And Abandoned Houses

Abandoned, Creepy, Sometimes Haunted Houses #2

6 creepy and abandoned houses I photographed recently! Much more to come!

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Haunted And Abandoned Churches

Abandoned, Creepy, Sometimes Haunted Churches #1

We visited 3 abandoned churches recently and 2 of them are said to be haunted!

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Creepy Old House

Spooky House In Quebec City

I took a few photos of what's called the 'Addams Family House' near Quebec City.

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face on tomb

Creepy Lady On Tombstone?

There seems to be a creepy old lady on a tombstone, or is it an optical illusion?

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